Aylins EnRichMe

LE Deux 

* Sunflower * Sweet Pea Protein *Magnesuim 

Gluten Free 

Enhances Curl/ Waves. Minimizes Styling stress, smooth unruly hair, controls frizz, silky smooth

  Moisture Shampoo & Condition 

*Sunflower *Coconut Protein *Rhodochrosite

Sulfate, sodium chloride, paraben & Gluten Free 

Collagen building seals the cuticle to protect against color fade and Damage 


* UV Filter * Silk Protein *Sericite Mica 

Gluten Free 

For all types of hair, smooths, detangles, repairs, nourishes, repairs split ends, and color fade protection

Amethyst Oil

*Hemp Seed *Amethyst 

Gluten Free 

Gives Shine, softness, heat protection, Speed blow drying time 

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